Fusion3 is a ServiceNow® Premier Partner that leads business transformation initiatives through process discovery, optimization, and technology based solutions. We are a consulting group passionate about transforming the way people work.

With a specialization in the ServiceNow® platform and expertise in business operations,  we are well poised to develop synergies across people, process, and technology.


Our philosophy is to lead with a people first approach. Each business is unique and their internal talent can be their strongest competitive advantage. The ability to truly optimize process and build innovative technology solutions starts with people and understanding the way they work.

Looking to gain efficiency? Thinking about revamping a process but not sure where to start? Let us partner with you. We will work with you and your end users to determine areas for improvement – what works what does not. We can then help you manage the technical and organizational adoption that follows any process change.


With every release of ServiceNow® comes new functionality and improvements. Are you set up to take advantage of them? Are you too customized and unable to leverage new features or modules? When was the last time you evaluated the first modules you launched? How is your incident management process? Let us work with you to optimize and leverage new features and streamline the old.


With the version compliance requirements from ServiceNow® upgrading can seem daunting. With our proprietary tools we can help streamline the upgrade process of all of your instances. Combined with our optimization service we can get your instance in a place where upgrading can be almost as quick as updating an app on your phone.


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