Happy ServiceNow Partnership Anniversary!

Ding! My Apple Watch made a noise and sent a haptic vibration and when I looked it was the notification that it was Fusion 3 Consulting’s anniversary of obtaining partner status with ServiceNow.   

It is our 3rd anniversary and WOW what we have accomplished in this past year!!  

When we started Fusion3 we made a promise to always stop and celebrate the milestones.   When you are running your company or the day-to-day everything can blur together… so you MUST take a moment to reflect on all that you have achieved.  

What have we achieved you ask?

  1. 4.8 out of 5 ServiceNow CSAT Score
  2. Grew the team by 100% by hiring 3 key team members 
  3. Launched our new website – highlighting our commitment to people, process, and technology
  4. Achieved our revenue goal by over 150%!!!!
  5. Delivered 15 implementations staying hyper focused on BCM, IRM, and specific custom applications for our MSP clients.  

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