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Expanding Support Capabilities with 4Me

“We are excited to partner with 4me, a true market disruptor offering a comprehensive enterprise management solution. 4me’s innovative AI-driven architecture and design provides a powerful, cost-effective platform that empowers companies to scale their operations efficiently. We believe this partnership will bring significant value to our clients, enabling them to achieve greater operational excellence and growth.”Melissa Bouchard, CEO at Fusion3

With Fusion3 as an ally, 4me will continue to expand their market presence and customer base – bringing optimized efficiency, connectivity, and productivity to an ever-increasing array of organizations.

“Fusion3 is a leader in the technical consulting space,” says Joe Peterson, 4me’s Head of Channel and Partners. “With their emphasis on human-focused implementation and management, Fusion3 perfectly complements 4me’s service-centric, multi-tenant ITSM platform, and our mission to optimize connectivity across teams and organizations. Fusion3 will be a powerful ally in 4me’s continued expansion.”



About 4Me

4me®, The Complete Service Management Platform, combines ITSM with ESM and SIAM capabilities, enabling all internal departments, such as IT, HR, and Facilities, as well as external service providers and customers, to collaborate securely and seamlessly on one complete platform, reducing complexity and improving productivity.

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About Fusion3

Fusion3 is an elite Rhode Island-based IT consulting firm specializing in moving organizations from disjointed systems into a unified platform to streamline processes, break down organizational silos, and create organization-wide efficiencies.   Fusion3 operates on the core belief that technology alone will not solve the challenges that businesses face – customer-centricity is key.

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