Road to Resilience with BCM


Leverage the combined expertise of Fusion3 Consulting and ServiceNow to enhance your organization’s resilience. Our offering facilitates a comprehensive and structured approach to business continuity management, simplifying the process of identifying critical business components and ensuring preparedness during disruptions. Through streamlined workflows and real-time insights, anticipate and address potential challenges efficiently, fostering a resilient, adaptable enterprise.


  • Streamlined process management: Easy identification and management of critical business applications.
  • Enhanced visibility assurance: Ensures critical applications/processes are resiliently structured.
  • Robust preparedness validation: Structured testing for resilient response and compliance adherence.

Key Features

Functional Features:

  • Data Readiness Assessment
  • Process definition aligned with out of box as much as possible
  • Defined requirements
  • Roadmap to get to the next phase of resiliency 

Technical Features:

  • Defined areas for automated communications
  • Leverage Approval Engines and Flow Designer to build automation
  • Integrate to CMDB

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