Fusion3 obtains 4Cs in the GRC/Risk space!! Well..what does that really mean??

What are the 4Cs of ServiceNow and why do you care?  Well lets first talk about another 4Cs designation that a lot of people know about…. Diamonds!

The 4Cs of diamonds (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) are all agreed upon characteristics of a diamond – each with their own scoring that when used together to can determine the overall value and quality of the diamond. The 4Cs provide a standard to measure all diamonds against.

The 4Cs within the ServiceNow ecosystem has the same underlying concept.  In this case, the 4Cs are Capability, Customer Success, Competency, and Committed Capacity.

To achieve your 4C designation as a ServiceNow partner in a focused area, a partner needs to demonstrate that they meet a set of standard requirements. Well, what are the standards?… each partner that achieves a 4C designation shows that they are capable and committed by having the capacity (people) with competency (certifications – proven knowledge) to deliver successful deployments, customer success (measured via post implementation surveys).

This program provides a standard to which all partners can be measured against much like the 4Cs of diamonds. This is a guide to help customers connect and work with a partner that has demonstrated and proven their specialization in a particular area of the platform.

Here at Fusion3 Consulting, we specialize in the Risk area of ServiceNow – primarily GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and BCM (Business Continuity Management).   We have built our organization around this focused area and through this focus have achieved the 4C designation.  

We would welcome the conversation to talk about your next ServiceNow GRC/BCM initiative and prove that we deserve this 4C achievement.

Let us show you the people we have waiting to give you a successful outcome on your project!

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